Popular Business misunderstanding cost money!

You sell your small business (business value under $ 1,000,000 for this article).
You want to get the buyer of your company with a cash offer, or
in a position for a SBA guaranteed loan to qualify. But in many cases the owner of the
Businessman lands withdrawal of funding because the buyer will not be able
an all-cash offer or not for an SBA guaranteed loan to qualify. To create a
"Business Note" and now the "Bank" has become. At first that may okay, but
after a few years, the payments you may decide you want to go back
into business and you need the money that is important in your organization committed while
You will receive payments. So now you want to sell your company to increase observed
to venture cash for your next business trip. What is it worth? That will depend on how much
It structures the note. The aim of this paper is to present the structure
, Note making it more attractive to a prospective business note buyers. Adoption: This article describes the structure of a note that only the count
Assets of a company. If an entity property that is
sold at the same time as the business, real estate should be sold in a
Transaction to be financed separately from the assets. Thus, each in
evaluation and funding the best way. For example, it may be
possible, the real estate finance with a lower down payment for a longer period,
with a lower interest rate and without a personal guarantee. The goal of a company note buyer or investor on the acquisition note future business
Payments is to minimize the risk of default on the note. They are looking for
certain things when evaluating the purchase of future payments from your company
Note. These include the following: buyer's down payment Number of payments on the note (also known as "wort" is known) made buyer's credit history personal guarantee from the buyer's total payments sold cash flow for the company and its past profitability length of the term of the note payment amount offsets lien position of the note amortization of the note, the buyer experience with the type of business purchased interest rate note to the financial documentation of business sale Unlike buying a piece of real estate, the assets of a small business
might not be sufficient to cover the amount due on the note business if the purchaser of
the business defaults. Therefore, the business note buyer looking for ways to
reduce the probability of failure. If there is a standard note on the docket, the economy
Buyers require that the companies follow through on their personal buyer
Guarantee that ensures the fiscal note. A cash deposit of at least 33 percent of the company buyer should be made.
This deposit should not come from borrowed funds. The reason for the demand
as a large down payment is less attractive for the buyer to "walk away"
from the economy if they run into problems. When connected to a significant amount
their own money invested in the company, they may think twice about walking away
from the economy when things difficult. If the deposit was less than 33 percent, then consider the financial buyer
require that the difference may be additional payments to the company
Note. The business note buyer wants to see that the new owner of the company
least one-third equity investment in the business between the combination of
Cash down payment and payments made to the business in mind during the operation of the
Business. Business note buyers want to see that were at least two monthly payments
made on the note by the new owner of the company. For new owners of the professional
Practices such as doctors and dentists, a larger number of paid monthly payments
will be necessary. This serves a few purposes. It should show that the new
Owner is generating cash flow from the industry. It also allows the new owner to see
if the business of fulfilling their expectations. As part of "due diligence"
conducted by industry to the attention of buyers, they will see the new owner interview whether
Problems exist, could in future issues the payments to the line
Companies noted. You will want to know whether the new owner "misleading" was the seller
of the company. The buyer of the company, a credit score of at least 600 A higher score
is observed by the business buyer is obliged to observe if the value of future business
Payments to be acquired reaches a certain level. Each "cloud" on the business
Buyer credit history should not be current. This should be clarified
Before purchasing the business. The company must observe personally guaranteed by the buyer. It can not be
guaranteed by the company purchasing the company. In particular, it can not be
guaranteed by a person signing on behalf of the company. If there is a standard that
Business note buyer will come after the personal assets of the person (s)
So with the personal guarantee. A personal balance sheet for the buyer should
receive to ensure that they fulfill the assets should be required,
Fulfillment of the personal guarantee. The maximum amount that a business note buyer will purchase in a single transaction,
between $ 300,000 and $ 450,000. You can create an enterprise grade for more than
Maximum amount, but note the business buyer does not buy more than their
maximum at a time. This means that if the period is complete for those who
Payments have been sold all remaining payments come back to you. On
this point, you have included the possibility of future payments again, if you like. The cash flow of the company shall be sufficient to service the note and offer
to live extra money for the new owner. The cash flow should at least 1.25
times the amount needed to service the note. The business should have been
the same place for at least 3 years (4 years for restaurants and bars), and
would have to have profitable at this time. The term of the note should not be longer than 72 months with 36 to 60 months
are preferred. You can create a business note longer than the recommended
Time, but a business note buyers purchase only the number of payments that
they are comfortable. The goal is to minimize the risk note to the buyer. The
longer the maturity, the greater the odds of something going wrong. The note
Buyer is looking to minimize their risk, since the note is not completely secured by the
Assets of the company. A significant point in connection with the term of the note, the term of the lease of the space in
which the company operates. To avoid a major disruption
because of a problem extending the lease, the term of the lease should be at least as
Provided however that the concept of the company. The company must consider in senior positions. The fiscal note can not be a
second position behind lien a bank loan. If there is a standard, the second position
Lien holder can be a difficult time recovering their investment. The company should consider fully amortized over the term. It can not be a
Balloon at the end, because there is probably no way to refinance the balloon at the
End of the note term. When a bank was not prepared, the original transaction, finance
It is unlikely that they would be willing to finance the balloon at a later date (Notes.:
Some companies may accept a balloon note buyer if it can be written off within 24
are months with the same monthly payment used to pay the note. Other companies note
Buyers can make payments up to a few months before the end of the note term buy, but
the balloon for the fiscal note holder) |. The company will note buyer can see that the new owner of the company before |
Experience running the type of business are purchased. This is particularly
important for the purchase of a "high tech" business or professional practice. The
The condition is that someone with experience in the type of business better
Chance of succeeding than someone without previous knowledge. One of the biggest factors to the discount that the seller must
take on the sale of future payments is the difference between the interest rate on the
Original business, and note the return on their investment needed by the company
Note buyers purchase the future note payments. Therefore, the interest rate on
note the business should be set as high as possible, while still a monthly
Payment, which may by the cash flow of the company for a period to be covered
Note. The deal is not done until the paper work is done. There are stories where people
documented the sale of a business or restaurant place mat on a napkin. This will
not appropriate if you have any idea of selling your company's touch in the future.
There are four main documents to be produced. It is recommended that a
Attorney be used to properly prepare these documents are. The documents are listed
below. UCC-1 security agreement or chattel mortgage note purchase agreement, the UCC-1 documents that the seller is in possession of a "perfected" lien on the business.
This document is filed with county government and is part of the public record. If
There is a default, this document shows that the transaction is seller first (by
liens to receive) the proceeds from the sale of business assets. The "serfs security agreement" is a list of the tangible assets of the company. This
will be generally the furniture, fittings and equipment that the assets are
the business. Intangible assets are things like a loyal customer base that can
lost if the new owner is not the received power from the previous
Property. The serf security agreement is not part of the public
Record is to document, but necessary, what were the tangible assets at the time of
sell the business. If all vehicles are part of the security for the company, the title of the vehicles
should indicate that you are the owner of the vehicles, so that new business
Owner can not sell these vehicles without your knowledge. The promissory note documents the details of the sale as the value of the note in the
Time of sale, the term of the note, the monthly payment, the interest rate and all
other specific terms such as default interest. The contract binds together the entire transaction. It can contain
Information that is not explicitly mentioned in the other documents, such as
Provisions for periodic statements to the seller, which could then
made available to a prospective note buyer for evaluation. The promissory note or contract should be no "offset"
Statements that allow the business customer would deduct from payments
on the note due to problems with the business or problems with the equipment
purchased as part of the business. If the promissory note or contract
includes "offsets", then note the business purchaser may at least 6 months
the wort, to see if there would be any events that activate the "offset" was
Provisions. The following table summarizes the factors that a company be aware that the
be attractive to a prospective investor note. Note Preferred Factor Value Factor-Note Company number At least 33% in cash that was not borrowed minimum number of payments already made (spice) 2 monthly payments (more preferred, and more are for professional use
Practices) by the new owner business entry Credit History buyer has a credit score of at least 600 currently with "clouds" have on credit
History personal guarantee personal guarantee required (no person signing on behalf of the Company or
Partnership) the total amount of the payments sold Maximum is $, 300,000 made up to $ 450,000 in a single transaction (Note to
more than that amount, but the maximum that can be sold at a time is $ 300,000
to $ 450,000) cash flow of the business cash flow should be at least 1.25 times the amount of monthly payment to the
Companies noted. Length of the maturity of the debt 72 months but not exceeding 36 to 60 months is preferred (note can be created for a
In the longer term, however, business note buyers do not buy the payments over a certain
Point) |. | Lien position of the note first lien position only amortization of the note note must be written off entirely within the note term experience of the buyer, the buyer should have prior experience in the type of business are purchased. As high interest rate as possible, so that cash flow, the required payment for the support
Term of the note. Documentation for the sale of Chattel Security Agreement UCC-1 note purchase agreement, real estate property that is part of the company should be sold in a separate transaction is
Assets of the company may consider a firm structured course, other than those recommended above,
especially if the seller does not anticipate future sales note payments. However, if
The seller has all thought that they want to sell a future note payments, then
the seller should follow the above recommendations as far as possible. If you have an existing business note or in the process of creating one as part of the
the sale of a business and you will think about selling some or all of your future
Payments in that sense, we can help you determine what an investor would
willing to pay for these payments. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation
Quote from the sale of your future business success note payments.

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Chilean wine-arts-101

The Road Less Traveled por ptessier

The search for extraterrestrial life by researchers and enthusiasts is always pretty exciting. The news released today about a number of caves found on Mars will not only interest scholars and enthusiasts, but many people are generally not looking for life on other details involved planets.New returned by a satellite orbiting Mars show what such caves on the Earth's surface appearance. In the pictures is seven spots near the equator of Mars can be seen. Scientists believe the pictures that it is quite possible that these bodies actually entrances to underground caves. The Mars Odyssey, such as satellites orbiting the earth, took the images of the Martian surface. The satellite uses a special technology called Thermal Emission Imaging System, or THEMIS short.Scientists for the study of the newly found cave paintings are named after family, they called: Abbey, Annie, Chloe, Dena, Jeanne, Nikki, and Wendy. For short, they were known as the Seven Sisters. " The caves are in the vicinity of a very large volcano named Arisa Mons.Each cave is about the size of a football field. The smallest opening cave is 330 meters wide and the largest is 820 meters wide. The cave named Dena appears at about 430 feet to reach underground.The first researcher to the caves in the pictures, Glenn Cushing of Northern Arizona University announcement said: "Caves on Mars could become habitats for future explorers or could only structures that evidence of past or present microbial life. "The thirst for discovery of past or present life on Mars is related to several Mars projects. A project is currently focused on going THEMIS. The aim of the project is to improve THEMIS "visual and infrared techniques." The same project is also working on the development of special robots to be used, could explore to places like the caves.All tests for this project had to be done here on earth. In an attempt to best simulate the conditions on Mars, scientists have worked in a number of locations. The project is called "Earth-Mars Cave Detection Program. For the first part of the project, the scientists developed their infrared technology and thermal imagined with a special detector that was flown over caves in New Mexico and Arizona. The second part of the project will carry out tests, which researchers call "Mars analog sites. These sites are mainly thought to represent the best a Martian environment. Earth locations that are used are the Mojave, Calif., Atacama, Chile desert and discovered on the freezing of the Antarctic environment and Iceland.The caves on Mars recently, are extremely important to the search for extraterrestrial life. It is possible that one of the best locations to discover evidence of life on Mars. At the recent Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Glenn Cushing and colleagues said: "We are suggesting that the seven black spots skylights area where the bottom surface in a chamber. Preserved evidence of past life on Mars could only have collapsed could found in caves, and such a discovery would be of unprecedented importance. "Sourceshttp: / / news.yahoo.com/s/space/20070402/sc_space/possiblenewmarscavestargetsinsearchforlifehttp: / / www.swnebr.net/newspaper/cgi-bin/articles/ articlearchiver.pl? 160084http: / / www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070402153116.htm

Traveler's notebook enhancement por Patrick Ng

Traveler's Notebook display at Midori's office por Patrick Ng

Valparaiso hotels

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Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

We hear of major problems with the earth relatively common. In the news and the Internet, we are bombarded with stories and statistics on how trends such as global warming and pollution of water bodies can lead to disastrous results. Unfortunately, the trail of the stories presented, many of us believe that we ourselves can do nothing to save the planet. Some options being put forward, such as buying a hybrid car to improve gas mileage or the use of alternative fuels, but to the average person they seem too far out of reach. I understand that most people are busy, and try scraping out a living that often prevail over to help the environment. So I have a list of resources that contribute to your part to help the earth, none of which require much effort at all developed. But as I have said countless times before was when a lot of people do these little things, then serious problems could be avoided.1. If you wash your hands, not the water put to full speed. This is unnecessary and half the time you lead the penetration of water all over you. Take the extra second to carefully put the water to about one quarter of full power. If you brush your teeth, you should not walk on water while you are brushing. What is the purpose of it? Similarly, with this the dishes in the sink, use only the water when you need it. Soap up the bowl, then rinse it. There is no need to have the water goes all the time. If you take a shower, it just after thirty seconds. If you have a shower head that allows two-and-a-half liters of water per minute, then allow you to more than thirty seconds, a gallon of water is stored. Following this simple practice of common sense are simple ways to save water. Although, as it may seem, the earth has not an unlimited supply of fresh water. Save what you can where you can.2. If you do not go in a room in your house, five minutes from now, turn off the light in her. But what about leaving a light on when nobody is there, so you need it? Get out of the chair and walk a few steps to the switch. If anything, this is you could do more exercise, the next time you pick up any bulbs such garments, a few fluorescent lights. These are slightly more expensive than incandescent bulbs but they last much longer and consume far less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Current does not appear out of thin air, it is usually generated by power plants that are similar to those of fossil fuels, you always hear about. That's right, those who will be gone within the next century if we keep up with current trends. Forget about running, and the purchase of hybrid cars. A simple way to save the planet in terms of emissions and fossil fuels is the power in terms of store lighting.3. When driving, accelerate smoothly. If you slam on the gas or breaks, you're eating quite a bit more gas than if you gradually build up or slow speed. If you are driving on the highway, you choose your cruise control whenever possible, to limit the speed. In this way you will not be tempted to start running TEN MPH on them. In general: The faster you go, the more gas you achieve and maintain these speeds. Plus you shave just minutes for most of your time so you do not save much in terms of time, if you go faster. Just take it easy on the road.4. Save your heat. Set thermostats to a lower temperature at night than during the day. If you are in bed, you have no excuse not to pile blankets and blankets when you are cold. A blanket claim costs nothing, but five additional degrees of heat costs a lot. This is an easy way to not only fuel but also save money. 5th Switch to monitor your computer when not in use. Monitors consume almost half of the performance of most desktop computers, so you can keep your CPU and still save a lot of energy. If you're away from your computer for longer than twenty minutes or so, turn off the monitor.6. If you're in the bathroom, use the golden rule. If it can be yellow mellow, if it's brown flush it. If you expect company, a toilet with a yellow liquid in it is not the end of the world. If you do not flush a toilet after number one, then you can save several gallons of water. Plus, you should test your urine to be clear anyway, if you are properly hydrated. Water is a better use of your body as a set is flushed down the uselessness in drain.These are just a few simple ways that help the earth can be saved. Although, as you can, hardly need a big change in behavior or time. You will not lose much when you are dealing with these steps, but you will save quite a lot. Hey, even if you do not think you're too busy to save the earth, looking for you will do at least something.


Spring Forward Aloha Blues by purpleSJ

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

1. Holders of passports or travel wallets are great gift ideas for a frequent traveler. Having everything you need in one place is so convenient and makes it much easier to get than a passport, ticket, identification card, or whatever you are wearing. There are many styles to choose from, and some companies offer customization. Redenvelope.com has a portfolio Travel Belden smooth leather in your choice of colors for $ 45.00, and monogramming is available. 2. Travel Clocks are something you should always take with you when traveling, because you can not always count on one being in the hotel room, and alarm clock are not reliable. Some models offer world times, a flashlight, soothing sounds of nature, or a radio. The Global Time Clock located at Brookstone knows the time anywhere on earth. Simply turn the knob of the city address the serious and the time to fit this time zone. For $ 30, your journey will never be late. 3. Luggage tags that are unique or custom make it simple to locate a bag in the middle of the sea of others. Not only will you find a bag faster, but if the unthinkable should happen and it is lost, the tag will help companies to find its rightful owner. Some large leather luggage tags that have been presented in the style of many magazines are in wishingfish.com for only $ 15.00. They come in pink, green, orange and red. Frequent travelers know what a great gift because they have hunted over the bag once, I'm sure.4. Travel Kits are wonderful to have long airplane rides, because who knows if the blankets and pillows are clean and hygienic. A flight Comfort Kit at Hammacher Schlemmer has found a holdall containing a compact microfleece blanket, pillowcase, pillows and self-inflating. The Tote weighs just lbs and costs $ 29.95 for the kit. For Deluxe Kits, there are several retailers that offer cashmere blankets and pillows, but expect to pay much for these gifts. 5. handheld games to pass the time while waiting in long lines or make a road trip. You can take several other popular ones such as Poker, Solitaire and Scrabble in the toy department at your local store. I recently purchased is the Deal or No Deal game pocket. It is based on the successful TV game show, and sells for $ 14.99 at Target. 6. Everyone needs a good umbrella is compact, so it's handy when needed. An umbrella that can reliably withstand windy days and has a push-button opening / closing mechanism can be found at Rei. The cost is $ 28.00 and should be able to withstand the storm. 7. Travel Guides page popular cities are ideal for someone who is always looking for a new place to visit. Barnes and Noble is a great bookstore that has tons of books choice. A truly unique find is weird U.S. – Your travel guide to local legends of America's best kept secrets and Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran. The beneficiary can never travel to those places, but it is fun to read about different places around the world. If you know of an upcoming trip, they plan, buy a Frommer's guide to this city in particular. It is nice to have inside information on restaurants and hotels along the street maps and a list of attractions, especially if it is a place where they travel frequently.8. Luggage is a no-brainer gift for someone who travels frequently. With so many styles, materials and components out there, you might have trouble finding the perfect set. Remember to look for parts that can withstand tough being under piles of luggage and thrown by baggage handlers at the airport. EBags.com carries all major brands of luggage, bags and accessories on its website. They also have daily specials and offer free shipping on certain items. Their special duty is now a 2 pc Samsonite Set boarding in black, which normally sells for $ 430.00 and is on sale for $ 99.99 with free shipping. It would be good start for someone on your list. They also offer free exchanges of 110% price guarantee. 9. Toiletry bags are great that simplify the organization of wrapping your everyday objects. LL Bean was the best thing for any traveler, or just use at home. Their personal agendas are available in four sizes and eight colors can be customized. Prices range from $ 19.00 to $ 39.00 for the bag of family size. 10. The electronic translators are extremely useful when traveling in a foreign country. Electronic Translators Lingo can be found on amazon.com, and the Voyager II said aloud sentences in 12 different languages, which would make it much easier to pronounce words correctly. The price is comparable to most of the translators of this type at $ 189.85, but this particular model seems to be the most popular. Whatever your choice, your friend will never travel to a loss of words again.


Simply sniffing flower por Urs Wachter™

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15 Quotes and sayings about friendship and friends

Are you regretting a friendship that ended with bitterness? Women have unique friendships. When we are young, we make friends quickly. In a short period of time, we find someone who likes and dislikes similar and we are joyous over the new results. Some friendships are long lasting, while other friendships are short and fast. I have a friend that I met back in kindergarten. We went through the layers, to varying degrees, of all divorces. Thus, we know too well. All my friends have a special place in my heart cemented. As a young girl, friendships quick start and they are the first, we remember. As we age, we have even started to treasure the friendship that ended bitterly. Do you have friends that ended with bitterness? If you hold a little regret about your actions in the disappearance of a good friendship? Well, if you are … You're not alone. Here are some tips to restore a friendship. Voicing your feelingsOne of the biggest mistakes in a friendship is to keep everything locked inside. One of my closest friends had the bad habit of always expecting me to take over when we left. I often bite my lip and take my credit card. I often complain to our friends from other about this habit. This of course means that I speak of my friend behind her back,! Girlfriend is like Rule 1 – Never talk about your girlfriend behind her back, she lies about her. The explosive point came when we were all to celebrate my birthday. We were in a local restaurant on my big day and supposed to imagine my dismay when my friend passed the verification of my way. I spent incredulous checking back for her and let her know that the birthday girl should not have to pay the bill. I also let him know how good I thought it was forever expect to pay. Well, verbal flew across the table. The guests of the restaurant were aware of some of our most intimate secrets in haste that we showed anger insulted one another. In a flash, our friendship contract was invalid because I expected the worst time to let my girlfriend know how I felt about his actions. Weeks after the incident, I missed the company of my friend. In an attempt to restore our friendship, I took the phone and called. I could easily have left a voice message or a text message sent, but the interaction of technology and sometimes less attractive is the best. She answered the phone hesitation and we started a conversation about what happened. She admitted that she thought since I made more money I do not mind picking up the tab. I confessed that I felt like I was alone in his company because I could count on her to pay his way. We ended up talking for hours catching up on the activity of missing the previous week and vowing to refuse to let something like that between us again. When you have a friend who does not often you meet a friend whose mouth jar makes you feel uncomfortable, or a friend who is still waiting to pick up the tab, say something! Do not miss the time when you have something to say. Holding your feelings, thoughts lead to resentment. It is better to solve a problem when it happens. I made the mistake of letting something, when I could have said something when I first noticed the problem. In this case, I learned a valuable lesson. Two people can see the same situation completely different. When you express your questions and concerns, provide you an opportunity to view your friend on the situation. Assumptions create a tangible barrier to your friendship My friend in kindergarten and I are very busy with our adult life we do not talk to each other as much as we used when we were younger. In fact, at one point we let five years pass without a single word to another. It's silly because I saw some events I noticed that she was online, and yet neither one of us could start a conversation. In my mind, I felt as if she wanted to talk, she knew where to find me. The time also made me think she thought she was too good to socialize with me. I knew in college, she joined a prestigious sorority she now leads a foreign luxury car, married a lawyer, and she lived in a big house in an elite area. While, on the other hand, I worked my way through school, was now a single mother with two children, made a mini-van, and rather than leased from my place. I literally thought she had this way of life and a great thought I had become too common to adapt to daily activities. Well, imagine my surprise when I was online one night and an instant message from my old friend popped up on the screen. I frowned a bit because I instantly think something negative has been the reason for this unexpected message. Well, she wanted to learn more about how I was doing and she wanted to know if I knew a good divorce lawyer. I was shocked. Since I knew that my friend, so I knew that if she spoke divorce lawyer, she must be devastated. I knew that we had spent more than a late night talk of marriage and husbands. After we met for lunch, she kept telling me how his marriage dissolved because it was unable to have children and how she envied me for having two daughters. I immediately felt so stupid. I had let years pass without talking to my friend because I was jealous of his lifestyle, when in fact she was jealous of my mother. I learned another lesson. Commodities, social networks, and objects of value does not determine your happiness. It is wrong to judge a friend by measuring these kinds of things. While my friend was rich is active in happiness, she was indigent. She secretly longed to have children, could not, and resented the fact that I had children. Well, now we are closer and work on the restoration of our friendship. I let her know that motherhood is a good thing but there are great things to be unique as well. We now find a shared value in our different ways of life and no longer leave the insanity of assumptions to create a tangible barrier in our friendship. Start restoring your friendship you and a friend are in danger of losing years worth of good friendship, you can start restoring your friendship. Good friends are so rare. When you care about someone open to verbalize your feelings if things do not accumulate in huge things. In addition, if you had a friend for many years you can expect to change. However, do not regret the envy of those changes. Recognize the differences and allow them to grow and encourage them in difficult moments in life. Friends we meet the children can grow up to some people that we share some of the most exciting, challenging, and memorable time in our lives. Similarly, it is essential to recognize and admit its own shares in the disappearance of a good friendship. You'll be proud of you, if you become the greatest person in friendship. Opt to restore friendship rather than leave the pride, the feeling of lack of communication, envy, wrong assumptions and disregard.


1967 Aloha Trailer  by dreaming_of_rivers

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A Bridesmaid's instructions to maintain a friendship with the bride

Here is a list of a collection of encouraging quotes about friendship. A true friend is a blessing from God. I hope you find encouragement and take the time to thank your friends for their love and support. Feel free to use these quotes for a letter, card or thank you note. If you have an inspiring quote that you want to share please add it by leaving a comment. "To the world you may be just one person but to one person you can be all over the world." – Brandi Snyder "The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will have no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this? "- Henry David Thoreau" Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. "- Kahlil Gibran" No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. "-Alice Walker" : The only way to have a friend is to be one. "- Ralph Waldo Emerson" A friend is one who walks in when others walk out. "- Walter Winchell" My friends are my estate. "- Emily Dickinson "Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen." – Samuel Paterson "You can not be friends under different conditions than in the case of equality." – Woodrow Wilson "You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. "- Bernard Meltzer" Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, so you can always find me yours. "- Ludwig van Beethoven" A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be somewhere else. "- Anonymous" A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just as you are. "- Anonymous" If ever there is tomorrow when we are together … it is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think, but more importantly, even if we are apart … I will always be with you. "- Winnie the Pooh" Do not walk ahead of me, I may not follow. Do not walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. "- Albert Camus" The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us for an hour of grief and pain, which agrees not to know … not healing, not cure … that is a friend who cares. "- Henri Nouwen" A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you forget the words. "- Anonymous" A lot of vitality in a friendship lies in honor of differences, not only in the enjoyment of similarities. "- Anonymous" Sometimes a friend means mastering the art of timing. It is a time for silence. It's time to let go and allow people to throw themselves in his own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's over. "- Gloria Naylor" Friendships are what our dreams are made of. We are bound together by their love. We are close together, hand in hand, showing each other we understand. Some friends may come and go, but you are the truest friend I know "- Anonymous" The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, or the joy of companionship, it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friend. "- Ralph Waldo Emerson" A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts what you have been, and still, gently allows you to grow. "- William Shakespeare" I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I had not the heart to disappoint him … "- Abraham Lincoln" Friendship is a comforting smile, a familiar voice that warms the heart, and the freedom to be the person God intended . "- Anonymous" A true friend freely, advises the right, happy, daring adventure takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably. "- William Penn" To me, fair friend, you can Never grow old. So you were when first your eye I eye seems your beauty still such. "- William Shakespeare Source: Thinkexist.com

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La abuela y su bolso: Un cuento divertido

Yo todavía soy un novato de Twitter, pero tengo un par de cosas out.One cosa me he dado cuenta se muestra, hay una gran cantidad de tweets por ahí para la visualización y algunas son bastante entertaining.Most sólo ven tweets del tweeter los cuales están asociados, es decir, que no son muchas others.Today me decidí a tomar nota de algunos tweets entretenida me empujó y compartir un artículo, y tal vez hacer de esto una parte regular de mi tweets de hoy en page.Funny ningún orden en particular son: 1 "Si usted no está interesado, usted no está interesado, pero maldita sea, no hay necesidad de renunciar a la sensación de dos pies, mientras él trata de rugir." 2 "Si un hombre es feo, que, no hay realmente nada de lo que puede o puede hacer al respecto. Gire a él o ella de forma rápida y cortésmente y seguir adelante. "3 "Las personas que lo tienen en conjunto, dentro y por fuera por lo general les importa poco. Hay los que tienen la gente fea sienten la necesidad de hablar es de "4. "¡Oh, el Dr. Evil cuando tenían nueve años en orden. Usted con esto. También ir, sabes que vas nuestras burlas. "5 "¿Alguien sabe qué sabor son los ositos de goma verde? No puedo decir, y el sabor es raro. "6 "Si la relación demasiado trabajo, ¿qué hacen los pros cabo fuente!" 7 "Ella es una llorona! Ella mantuvo alejado, pero yo tenía dos segundos, en el culo como blanco al arroz y un plato de papel en una tormenta de nieve! "8 "Me roban el cambio del coche de mi novia luego dárselo a ellos cuando necesitan los peajes en efectivo." 9 "Si mi hijo tiene dinero, tiene que gastar. Es realmente necesario para el despegue del descanso, antes de que termine como yo. "10 "El Hada de los Dientes enseña a los niños que pueden vender partes de su cuerpo por dinero." 11 "Este entrenador de fútbol a la misma edad como la hierba. Todavía están tratando de correr cuando se debe jugar más la preocupación por su consumo de sal y azúcar. "12 "Lo que conviene tener fútbol de la televisión. Quiero ver hasta 60 minutos. "13 "JaMarcus Russell, que no se ve como el hombre de nieve Jeezy en un casco de fútbol americano?" Pues ahí lo tienes, mi primer número de tweets divertido. Para los propósitos educativos tengo algo de gramática limpieza.


Juan Millalonco Diaz

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Friendship Socratic and Plato's "Lysis"

This is the first in a series of articles I plan to write on the theme of friendship and love, it is friendship. Each item, except for the last two, will be a kind of response to the ideas of different philosophers have had about friendship. Let me just say, to be clear, I am largely self-taught when it comes to philosophy. Although I have had a few classes, my training in history (which is not without similarities to the philosophy that involves both a careful analysis of ideas and both are necessary, I think, for a full understanding and appreciation of life.) Even if I is an amateur, I do not think it necessarily a bad thing. Etymologically the word amateur comes from the Latin verb Amare meaning "love." So, an amateur is one who does something for love of it. All this said, I believe that the purpose of philosophy is to teach us how to live a good life, and this is something that affects us all. Because living a good life is a problem we all share, the study of philosophy not only to professional philosophers but for everyone. By analyzing the components of our lives by philosophy, including aspects of that friendship, we can better appreciate and understand it. We can better see what we need to live happily.Most of us, if asked if we have a friend, would fairly quickly respond in the affirmative. But on the question of what exactly is a friend, or how friendships arise, we can not be so quick to respond. It is the substance of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato explores, through the character of the philosopher Socrates, in his dialogue ahead. Who is a friend? How to friendship? What is the relationship between those who consider themselves to be friends? These are the questions I want to explore using Plato.The dialogue begins with Socrates and his meeting Hippothales Ctesippus friend on the way to the Lyceum. Hippothales want to know from Socrates how to behave towards a friend or lover, in order to be loved back. Socrates says that it is difficult to say but he is trying to show him an example by speaking to the man who has caught the attention Hippothales, lysis. But let's save that for end.After his demonstration, involving Socrates and Lysis Menexenus his friend in the conversation. Socrates wants to know exactly what makes a friend and how friendship is about. The question posed is, "When someone loves another, which of the two becomes friends with the other, the one who loves or is loved? Or, is there any difference? " The first answer suggested is that there is no difference. Socrates rejects this quickly say that it is often the case that you love one another and yet are hated in return, whether one is aware of this or not. So, who is a friend then, the lover or the beloved? Or is neither a friend? I would say that neither is a friend. The lover who is hated is really not a friend from the viewpoint of a hate doing, and certainly he does not see himself as a friend to one he hates. While fans may feel that the object of his love is a friend, and that he is a friend since he loves the other, either you're a friend? It seems that this friendship is only in the lover's mind. It is not fair. It is a false belief on the part of lovers. Therefore, I would say that true friendship requires mutual love. Everything else is just an illusion of friendship, which will probably be doomed to end in pain for lovers. But this is not where Plato stops, so let us continue on.The next argument put forward is that no one really is a lover, if not loved back. That's about what I have proposed above. Socrates rejects this by asking if there are lovers of wisdom, wine, horses, etc. Sure, people claim to love this kind of stuff, but they are incapable of loving a person in return. But I'm not convinced. I think that there may be a problem with the concept of love is defined here. Is the love you have for a friend in the same way as the love you have to wisdom, wine or horses? Could it be that a term used to refer to two different types of feelings? I think that's the case here. There may be more appropriate to say that there are appreciators or things like wisdom, wine and horses. Or maybe it's the difference between saying "I like wine," and says "I love my friend." The difference is sometimes subtle, but it's there. Of course, say that there is only appreciators of wisdom rather than lovers of wisdom can undermine the whole philosophy since philosophy means "love of wisdom", so perhaps we should continue before we cause too severe problems next assertion is belied by Socrates is that anyone who is loved is the friend. He makes quick work of one by saying that often times you love someone who is, in reality, an enemy. Surely a person can not simultaneously be both a friend and an enemy. So while sometimes it is beloved friend, it is not always so. This is important because it reminds us that friendship is a mutual activity. You can not just say that a person is his or her friend but that they actively recognize friendship. We can delude ourselves into thinking that a non-friend is a friend, but we are better for it? So from the point of view, Socrates, it seems that neither beloved, or lover or lover and beloved necessarily friends. Who is a friend, friendship, and what from? Socrates points to poets and ancient sources as saying that the friends are gathered by the gods, by a sort of divine intervention. Although Socrates does not explicitly reject it, he does not seriously that it is either quickly and move on. I do not want to move forward quite so quickly anyway. I am not arguing for divine intervention in human affairs, and I'm not convinced that such a thing even exist. Regardless, make friendship seems to have something about it that is not entirely within our power. We used to say that even if we do not choose our family, we can choose our friends. However, it is entirely true? I think it's more accurate to say that we choose from a number of options. Due to restrictions from things like time, geography, culture, language, economy, things are not totally under our control, we have to choose between the limited number of which we are confronted by chance, the universe, of God, or what the term To give it. Sometimes our friends are just those we happen to be stuck with us. That does not make them less special though.Returning to the text, we are presented with claims that it is alikeness that leads to friendship – which will be a friend to enjoy. But Socrates points out that although this view is correct, it is only half true. The evil one can not, it seems to be a friend to another evil man. They will both do injustice to one another and those who do us injustice can not be said to be our friends. So if this statement is true when the only good person is a friend and then only to another good person. Socrates notes some problems with this though. First, if they are like, how they are beneficial to each other? It may sound cynical, but do we really want to be friends with someone who is useless for us? Secondly, a good person according to Socrates, is self-sufficient. He or she is in need of anything, is his or her happiness depends on something external, among friends. Thirdly, as is often the most hostile to like. For example, those with similar talents and interests often compete with each other. There seems to be some truth in these objections from Socrates. If you look at the first complaint, but it seems that nobody wants to be friends with someone who he or she considers useless (or course it is up to the individual to decide what usability means.) In order to be realistic about, but it seems that we are friends with some as we get something out of it, namely pleasure. This is not entirely selfish, but because the other person to enjoy the relationship as well. As such, it is a mutually beneficial partnership. Socrates second objection lot depends on how you define what it means to be a good person. Perhaps the person is not entirely self, but is part of a larger whole of society, interdependence with other people. If this definition is used, or a different definition that is contrary to Socrates', which does not necessarily follow that the good may not be a good friend because of this reason, Socrates states. Regarding the third objection, the competition between people can be tough sometimes, but we do not often see them in the same areas to cooperate or at least compete in a friendly manner? The problem I see with all this is that it seems to me that love does not often make friends want. All these I consider my closest friends are people with whom I share many interests, abilities and personality traits. It is not to say that we are identical in each of these respects. I think it's something. It seems to me that for people to be friends must share enough in common that they can relate to one another and share in activities of mutual interest, but not so much in common that they carried one another by having something new to offer or interfere too much on each other's territory by competition.So, if not a friend of similar, then it must be that, unlike a friend of the difference. This is the next claim submitted. To illustrate his point Socrates mentions that the poor are forced to become friends with the rich, the sick are forced to make friends with doctors, and other similar unlike opponents. Socrates goes on to reject this claim, but because it leads to absurdities. For example, if the opposite of friendship is enmity, when the friend must be friends with the enemy. This is simply absurd. In my opinion, is another problem here the question of whether a person can make friends with someone if they are forced to by circumstances of life. Is the patient really friends with the doctor, or is he just in a relationship of convenience with her to get well? Plato related that shortly, so I'll go further here.Well then, unless the likes and dislikes, not unlike and in contrast to what? This leads to the next claim that is the person who is neither good or bad is a friend of a good thing. For example, a person who lacks knowledge but has not done quite as stupid as it is neither good or bad depending on Socrates. He is imperfect, but he realizes it so he can fix it. This is neither good or bad person seeks out one who has wisdom, a good man, to be his friend. That's because neither good or bad person lacks something that the person has, that he is looking for her friend. This seems nice, but Socrates is not satisfied. He asks if the person is a friend of either good or bad person or is just a means to something else. So, the person as friend or is there anything you want pal. This leads Socrates to argue that a true friend is a friend for the benefit of another. This causes some problems for what I have argued above. For example, I argue that we get to know someone, because it benefits us in any way, because it gives us pleasure. Then, as Socrates says here, would not this so-called friend just be a friend for another friend, that pleasure? But if so, then there is another problem. Earlier I argued that you can not really love something fun, something that can only be estimated. So, if I can not love pleasure, and an absolute pleasure can not love me, how can we say that it is a friend? It seems like I get more confused than Menexenus. Let me offer this though. Can we call a friend and the joy we get from that friend really be separated, or they are inexorably linked? In that case, when says that we love or appreciate a we must love or appreciate the other. Socrates starts to question his claim by looking at the aspirations and how they contribute to what we call friendship. This leads directly to his next claim.That contention is that we get to know a person that we see a part that belongs to us in the other person. It is as follows. First, we want what we are deficient in. A person who has something that we are short of becoming our friend, or what we are short of, belonging to the other person is our friend. One thing becomes ineffective when something is taken away from it. It is part of what belongs to us who are in the other person, in this photo. A friend is when someone in some way, belong to us. Nature shows us where we need love. (Although you could argue that it does not really love if one must love one another.) Of course, not to fall into the trap of agreeing with a previous claim has been rejected, is that a friend of like, we must assume that belonging and similarities are different. But even doing this is not enough to save this claim as Socrates, as is his habit, finds a problem with it. The problem is: are the good and the bad belong to all, or does it only good belonging to the good and the bad belong only to the poor? The latter seems to be true, which leads back to the earlier rejected the allegation of a good friend of good.Thus dialogue ends without a definite answer has been reached. Socrates finds ironic that they see the three of them together will go on to say they are friends with each other when they have not even figured out what friendship really is or how it happens. Like those spectators, let us assume that even if we did not exactly sure what friendship is or how it starts, it exists and that we want and have friends. This brings us back to Hippothales "original issue in the dialogue on how we should treat a friend to be loved back. How can we be a true friend? According to Socrates, we'll talk with our friends by "cut them to size and put them in their place, instead of swelling up to them and destroy them." Clearly, Socrates is a proponent of tough love. He shows this in talks with the Lysis, which I will not go into details here but you should feel free to read it yourself because it's pretty interesting. The goal of this kind of Socratic friendship is not to hurt or embarrass anyone, but to make people better. Friends are there to keep us real, so to speak. I have to wonder however, how many friends we would hold if we pursued this idea? Perhaps this is the real test of friendship. The true friend, maybe it's one that I can tolerate, and that can withstand me. I'm sure Socrates can find some problems with this though. Source: Plato. Lys. In Other Selves: Philosophers on friendship. Edited by Michael Pakaluk. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1991. 212b 212d 213a 214a 214b 215d 217 A , 220b 221e 210e


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Finally, I Have now this web log

This is my very first website. So my first piece in this site is dedicated forthose who have support this.
My buddies refer to me as Practice. I began writing a blog with the idea to make this web site when i lived in another country for one month.I write because it connects me with others So that is the cause why i chose to do this.
I will be blogging about Jesus and all sorts of related issues.
I failed as a professional writer but i will try my best to write about my favorite things to do as best as i can, This is not a pretencious blog, i don't want fans, just to have a nice time.
Can you imagine a specific thing you wish me to talk about, i would love to read you and your tips.
I want to thank you for reading my first post, i hope you come back soon.

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Finally, I Have now this blogging site

I have had several my own weblogs with content created by me. I really expect nobody discover this weblog, i am kind of self conscious.
My close friends refer to me as Shalom. I began running a blog with the plan to make this website at the time i finished high school.I write simply because it connects me with the rest So now you know the purpose why i am here.
I have a lot of subjects i want to talk about and share with others.
I failed as a professional writer but i will put all my efforts to write about my favorite activities as best as i can, This is not a snobbish blog, i don't want the Pulitzer, just to have a nice time.
Can you imagine something you want me to write about, i would love to hear from you and your good ideas.
We are all very busy and have better things to do but i appreciate if you post a comment after a post declaring if you appreciated or disagreed it.

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